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Weekend Show: War on the Economy / War on Humans

Guests: Jay Richards, Discovery Institute and author of "Money, Greed & God," and Wesley J. Smith, Discovery Institute, author and film producer of "War on Humans." First half - why Capitalism is superior to Socialism, and the impact of 'Cultural Marxism" on America. Second half - the insane laws, policies and worldviews debasing humans and exalting animals.

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Worldviews Do Matter - they Really Do

America experienced a major shift with the election of President Donald J. Trump, not only in policy, but in worldview. Everyone knows that.

When he was elected some people almost had a nervous breakdown, others were ecstatic. But, not the mainstream media. They work overtime to smother Trump's presidency. It worked - and it got us Joe Biden.

Worldviews matter. Yours matters. Mine matters. Everyone's worldview matters, because everything we think, say and do, comes out of our worldview. Understanding how our worldviews are/were formed is valuable; but so is understanding how another's worldview has been formed. That's why getting to know the worldviews behind the policies, agendas, etc., helps us understand not only where politicians are coming from, but why. Judging others through the media, sadly will not bring accurate understanding, because the truth is not reported.

When I was younger I didn't know why I saw the world the way I did. I didn't know all the things that went into shaping the 'filter' through which I saw the world. I was naive. Now, years later, I find myself talking about worldviews as a focus on my radio show, in my column, on social media, when speaking to groups, etc. Why? Because I've come to learn that opinions, attitudes, how we handle money, raise our kids, view marriage, what our positions on issues are, all come out of our worldview. None of these things live in a vacuum.

Most of us don't stop to think about the fact that the book or article we are reading, the entertainment or news network we are watching, the radio shows we listen to, or groups we are a member of, are actually shaping our worldview. We probably just think we are gaining information or knowledge. But, actually every source we receive from indeed shapes us.

And frankly, that is why we emphasize the worldviews behind the issues, and of those promoting various positions and agendas/goals on the show. Because, it's not just about gaining information -- it's about our minds, and even our hearts, being molded, often without our realizing it.

Now, some may say at this point, "Well, of course, Sharon, we know that!" They agree with what I'm saying, but do they consciously live in full awareness of the molding/shaping process taking place in their everyday life?

Especially when it comes to what our children and grandchildren are exposed to. I mean, just think of the 'snowflake' meltdown we saw take place on school campuses (and in the mainstream media), after the election of Donald Trump. Clearly a display of the effects of worldview shaping.

Every generation sees shifts in cultural and political worldviews. The 'new' worldviews are built on either previous worldviews, or a strong departure from them. Most of the changes in individual or collective worldviews are not new views, but old ones that have been reworked, revised, or revisited.

Today's classrooms not only promote a postmodern worldview, but a revisionist view of history. So, what will this mean as this younger generation grows up and takes the helm of our nation and the world? Simply put, we only have to look through the lens of the worldview 'glasses' they are wearing today, and we'll know what tomorrow will look like.

It's more than important to be aware of how worldviews are shaped, so that we can: understand why we personally see the world as we do, and others the way they do; have a solid framework with which to view the issues of our day; and be able to better discern what is going on in the world with greater clarity and confidence.

Worldviews do matter.

Ideas do have consequences.

That's what the real battle over who sits at the helm of our nation (or our states, or our school boards, etc.) is all about.

That's why we need to be more knowledgeable of worldviews, to think even deeper about the issues, and take more seriously the consequences of ideas.

Everything stems from worldviews, including morality/or the lack thereof, crimes, wars...everything.

Proverbs 13:14 says "The discerning heart seeks knowledge." We need to be diligent to seek out the Truth, let that shape our worldview, and then live it out personally and publicly.

It matters. It really does matter.


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