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Archive for February 2010

Seven Ways to Prime the Pump

What makes some marriages last so long? Love. But what does that really mean? You have to work at marriage. It doesn’t grow deeper automatically. Some couples can be together for years and still relate on the ‘pass the salt and pepper’ surface level. Marriage has the capacity to be the most intimate human relationship you…

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Cry Me a River

My husband and I watched a program on the Science channel about the human body. Some amazing facts about this ‘earth suit’ we walk around in. For instance, the average person takes 5 million steps a year, and will cry 17 gallons of tears in a life-time. 17 gallons! What’s all the tears about? Some are from laughter and joy,…

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What is a Faithful Friend?: Short List

I spoke at a women’s weekend retreat which had as its theme: Faithful Friend. As I finalized my notes for the segment, two definitions of ‘friend’ seemed to stand out above the rest… -A friend is someone you go through life with. -A friend is someone who has your tears in their eyes. These definitions…

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