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Archive for March 2012

A New You: Filling the Void

Martha Stewart came out with a new magazine several years ago called, Body and Soul , which advocates many of the practices common to Eastern mysticism. Oprah Winfrey does the same on your television station. More and more Hollywood stars are turning to Scientology. Despite 9/ll and the war on terror, more Islamic mosques are…

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Self Talk: Soul Food

You’d have to literally be a hermit to not be aware of the continual admonitions in all the major media outlets, books, magazines, etc., not to mention your doctor, to take good care of your health. But, how well are you taking good care of your soul? I mean your mind, your emotions, your will? This is, of course,…

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To The Real V.I.P.s: Thank You

A young man in the movie, “Elizabethtown” suffers tremendous rejection, devastation and shame as his lauded idea for a new product for his company falls flat, costing the mega corporation millions of dollars. As he is fired and walks out of the company he gave eight years of his life to, he makes a profound statement…

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