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Real Women Love Chocolate, and…

Real women love chocolate…

and strength…

and tenderness…

and goodness…

and harmony…

and truth…

and…the God who is the source of all the above.

What you truly care about, you are passionate about…and passion leads to action.

Passion is not just a feeling or desire. Real passion moves you to protect those you love and that which you care about.

For instance…

If you are a genuine peacemaker you can’t just sit by when there is discord.

If you are bold you will not stand by and watch the bullies of the world exploit the innocent.

If you love truth you will speak up for the truth, for what is right, and against what is wrong.

If you value kindness your words and actions will be filled with tenderness.

If you love God you will love everything He loves…and everyone.

Because you love people you will be bold to protect, faithful to work for peace, and passionate for the truth to be known.

Real women not only want or feel these things…they do them…and not only for their families, but for their world.

That’s why real women hate lies, unfaithfulness, corruption, political correctness, and death in all its forms. Real women hate exploitation of women, of children, of people of every age and every race.

Real women also understand that you can’t work for harmony without truth, or effectively make known the truth without kindness.

In other words, real women know they can’t sacrifice the truth on the altar of love…or sacrifice love on the altar of truth. It takes both working together to make a genuine, lasting impact for good.

These are the traits Real women want, and want to pass on to the next generation. And they understand that they have to Stand Strong for these values, more than ever, in the day in which we live.

That’s why we are starting a new venue for WOMANTalk – a new interactive online class, “Standing Strong! In the Day. In Which We Live.”

Class starts the end of January, so watch for details here. I’m really excited about this new venue, and hope you can join us!

Looking forward to Standing with you,

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