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What’s Up for Summer Nails? For Nails?

by Audrey Russo Don’t forget those beautiful nails this Summer… The Length – the look is more cropped and practical…it works better when clicking on the cell phone or blackberry keypad. The experts say the shape is “a ‘squoval’: a square with a little oval shaping at the top.” The test to see if you’ve got…

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For Your Fall & Winter Skin & Autumn Fashion

by Audrey Russo, Actress, Singer, Radio Host As much as we love the Fall & Winter, the fact is that the cold dry air steals the moisture from your skin. And your body skin is just as important as your facial skin, so…here’s an easy, natural homemade body scrub that will help you keep all…

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To Diet or Not to Diet: Is That the Question?

I need to lose some weight. And if you are like me (and most women) you have tried more than 5 different diets in your lifetime, and you may have already chosen to try a new one, or one that has already worked for you in the past, this year. There is so much information…

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Laugh Away Your Worries: Ho Ho Ho!

  So, does Santa laugh because he is jolly, or is he jolly because he laughs? According to Vanderbilt University researchers found that you can burn up to 50 calories laughing during the average funny movie (10-15 minutes cumulative). This is equal to a 13-minute brisk walk! Also, laughter turns out to healthy for you…

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Laugh or Stress Out: Huge Affects

Laugh or Stress Out Stress is good to have if we need to run from danger or fight back when attacked. But that’s about it. While stress is a normal reaction to what life brings, if it is too much in our lives it will have negative effects on us body and soul. To be healthy we must…

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Laughter is Good Medicine: Taking Care

The children’s movie, Monsters, Inc. has a pretty powerful message in it. Basically, adults in the city learned that there was enough power in the captured screams of the children to run their city’s infrastructure, ie energy. So they sent out monsters to scare the kids in order to capture the power in their screams…

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