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‘Killing Girls’ Jill Stanek

January is Sanctity of Human Life Month, and we have aired, or re-aired shows on the subject, including with Jill Stanek, a nurse, who tells of her horrific experience finding a discarded baby aborted alive in the hospital she worked at, and how that led her to the White House for legislation to stop such…

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How Important is Family to You Really?

Who would argue that family impacts our life more than any other institution, no matter who we are – a president or a pedestrian guard; a movie star or a mailman? Depending on our family experience, we will rate that impact somewhere between positive and negative. But experience is not the only indication to how…

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Go on a Day Trip of Simple Compassion

Compassion is the desire to ease another’s suffering; to alleviate another’s distress. More than a feeling, compassion is shown in service and giving. Mother Teresa was known, celebrated and admired for her compassion displayed in the slums of Calcutta, India, where she helped and cared for the poor and sick, who others had forgotten. You may never travel…

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Back to School Compassion: Pencil Case Kits

Our theme is “Back to School” month on the Show, but also as an outreach: There are countless numbers of parents in the United States as well as in developing countries struggling to provide basic shelter, food, and clothing for their children. They are often unable to purchase the required and needed supplies for their…

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Holidays & Relatives: Choosing to Love

  Ahhh, the holidays – a special time of celebration and festivities! So, why are they so often colored with strain in relationships, disappointment, and even heartache? One reason is because it’s a time to get together with family members…including some we may have unresolved issues with. Another reason for strain during the holidays is…

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Teaching Children Compassion: Resolution For Life

While many groups visit the sick, the wounded, and shut-ins during the holidays, the other months of the year can be long and lonely for those in hospitals and convalescent care facilities. Especially our hospitalized veterans, and troops home from war. Taking the kids with you will not only make the time for those you visit special,…

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