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Teaching Children Compassion: Resolution For Life

While many groups visit the sick, the wounded, and shut-ins during the holidays, the other months of the year can be long and lonely for those in hospitals and convalescent care facilities. Especially our hospitalized veterans, and troops home from war.

Taking the kids with you will not only make the time for those you visit special, but your children’s lives memorable. Such memories not only last a lifetime, but shape them into compassionate adults.

There are many people who spend their days alone…many days alone. So, why not ’round up friends and neighbors and encourage them to take their kids to visit those who are hospitalized in your town? (Remember, before bringing cookies or candy, as many are likely to be on a restricted diet, check with the hospital first for suggestions of what to bring, such as cheery cards, model airplanes, small stuffed animals for terminally ill children, magazines or books).

Maybe you’d like to hand out balloons and paint faces on the children in a children’s wing of a hospital. Or sing patriotic songs to the soldiers. Whatever you do will be appreciated, you can be sure of that.

Nothing can teach children the art of compassion better than example. And what better way than to bring a little cheer to our hospitalized Vets, children with terminal diseases, and senior citizens?

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